Providing earth-based wisdom and soul-oriented guidance for reclaiming your original purpose and assisting with the delivery of one’s personal medicine into the world.

Offering divinations, ritual healing, rites of passage, talismanic medicine and other indigenous-based technologies for empowering you to fully embody the one life you came here to live.

There’s an old idea that says we arrived here from the Other World already gifted and aimed with a very particular purpose at a uniquely expressed destiny. The dilemma is that upon being born we forget this original agreement. Hence, begins the difficult devotion of uncovering and remembering our own innate genius and life-giving imagination. Indigenous cultures, sages, poets and mystics of old say this remembering is the only real work to do in this life.

Our ancestors understood that relationships with self, community, nature and the spirit world had to be consciously maintained through the elements of ritual, rites of passage, music, art, and stories which serve as the glue that holds community together. By reaching back into our collective past we can rediscover threads of perennial knowledge and wisdom capable of re-calibrating outdated patterns, re-orienting our internal guidance system and guiding us through this unprecedented period of change. The flow of a life based on our original agreement is awaiting our surrender to it.