Jon uses a form of cowrie shell divination that originates from the Dagara culture located in Burkina Faso, West Africa. This system of divining is rooted in a lineage that is thousands of years old. It has been within the context of working with initiated elder and shaman, Malidoma Some’ that this tradition of divining has been passed down.

Elemental Divination is a multi-layered system using shells, stones, bones, and other objects on a cloth that serve as messengers of Spirit. Jon employs the guidance of his Ancestors and specific medicine spirits to provide clear and relevant information for the seeker. The scope of this work also encompasses nature-based ritual, energy healing, emotional release, shamanic journey, shrine building, attunement to spirit helpers and talismanic medicine for healing, protection and prosperity.

Readings can offer insights into many aspects of one’s life including original purpose, personal “medicine,” relationships, work, health, and money. Along with an increased awareness of internal and external obstacles and confirmation of latent ideas or intuitions, divinations also provide “prescriptions” as part of an action-based approach to personal healing and fully engaging in the life you came here to live. Prescriptions serve a wide variety of purposes including personal cleansing and purification, re-calibration and protection, release of old imprints, energetic balancing, increasing abundance and removing blockages to the flow in one’s spiritual path.

An old idea says that each of us arrives here with a specific gift. Likewise, we are also wounded in a very particular way. Wounds to the soul can block the threads of genius trying to make their way out into the world. Understanding the unique nature of both our giftedness and wounding opens the way for our personal “medicine” to flow in greater proportions. If you are feeling the need to uncover and activate innate gifts to live your soul’s purpose, to shift your energetic constitution in order to live more harmoniously, reconcile inner conflicts and splits, or access Ancestral support and spirit helpers then Elemental Divination can assist you.

Readings can be done in-abstensia (long distance) as well.