Practically every indigenous culture on the planet has utilized some form of initiation rites as a means for assisting people through particular thresholds in life, where radical change is necessary for the passage from one life stage to another. The understanding is that in order to fulfill one’s destiny and gain a deeper appreciation for this life, a person has to allow certain aspects of the psyche to die. Symbolic death is necessary for some new energy and vitality to be born within the person.

Western culture has forgotten the inherent power and value of these rites and in doing so has become lost and disconnected from the invisible sources which bring more meaning to everyday life experiences. The narrow modern world view works to ensure that literalism remains the primary lens through which people perceive reality. This unconscious consensus drains meaning from the world and the individual’s life. As modern humans we have traded a sacred world view handed down over the millennia by our ancestors for the mundane consensus trance.

Such ancient rites and symbols are intended to open the life of the person to the purpose and gift already residing within them. Rites of passage are an indigenous tool by which humans stay fully oriented to both life and death. As a result of this kind of re-orientation to one’s life, more meaning, understanding and healing can become a natural part of how we experience our lives.

Initiatory rites have many faces and arise out of the soul of the earth and the innate creative genius of the deep self. The quest is one example of the diversity of expression of such soul work.


Spending time alone in nature with minimal distractions has been a source of inspiration, guidance, vision and healing for humans for thousands of years and the effects of such efforts are no different today. When entered into, processed and closed with focused attention and sincere intention by those facilitating, questing is an extremely valuable tool for assisting people in their journey through the “betwixt and between” territories of the soul. Quests can vary in length from a day to several days.

Jon is available to facilitate rites of passage ceremonies for individuals and groups.


Talismans are power objects infused with a particular intention that provides beneficial energetic medicine for the person who possesses it. Talismans work in two primary ways. They can either provide more abundance for the person by attracting certain things or protect the wearer by keeping something away. Talismans are intimately connected to the magic of nature. Items found in nature are put together in such a way as to create an energetic alchemical and active relationship between those items sewn into the talisman bag. This kind of “medicine” is based in very ancient indigenous knowledge of spiritual technology.