Ritual and rites of passage are potent vehicles for creating breakthroughs between this world and the Other World for the purpose of healing and reconciliation. Ritual draws out those inner resources residing within the person. It provides the practice ground upon which we can express ourselves while being witnessed and supported in a container of authentic interaction. On a personal level, it’s the experience of coming home to one’s true self.

Ritual space offers us the opportunity, without the confines or weight of any particular belief system, to feel a greater sense of connectedness to something larger than ourselves and to simultaneously recognize our particular medicine to be contributed to the community. Ritual is the means by which we can reclaim our responsibility as humans of maintaining the cosmic order and harmony of life on earth.

Within the tradition Jon works with, ritual is naturally grounded in the elements. The Dagara cosmology is a five element system which is categorized as fire, water, earth, mineral and nature. Each element carries medicinal qualities and capacities specific and unique to that particular element. Therefore, they can provide a variety of prescriptions which can address the presenting need and/or crisis of the person requesting help. For example, a person who is experiencing feelings of isolation, disconnection and scarcity, an earth ritual of some kind would be beneficial.