Experiencing Elemental Divination with Jon Rousseau is like looking through a photo album of the soul. Jon calls upon spirit through the elements and ancestors to offer a reminder of purpose and identity. His reverence and playfulness, depth and humor set the tone for the gift of coming home to the healing of oneself.

Nikki DeSalvo
The Pregnant Point: Sacred Arts for Whole Families

Jon Rousseau’s work is a blessing in many subtle ways. His keen insight is uncanny, opening a fuller spectrum to my physical dimension. He suggests ritual which as an added layer becomes a clear connection with bone ancestors. Jon’s focus and commitment are so welcome in this all too preoccupied world.

Tom Kevan Vance

The divination experience with Jon has brought my eye to places within my self, my spirit, my mind that I was hiding from, both my fears and my strengths. It has helped me to remember how to gather those parts and reintegrate them into my life. That equates to more vitality, joy, focus, inspiration, strength, and confidence in my life than I have ever experienced. I have had a strong spiritual practice for the last 13 years and this work has offered me the grounding that I needed to take all that I have learned and walk in the world with it. Thank you!

Julia Considine